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JUNE 2019

Event Date EventDetails
02-July-2019  Pre-Meeting for Co-Curricular Activities VIEW
04-July-2019  Nipun Camp - BSG - 4th July to 6th July  VIEW
06-July-2019         Inauguration of Co-Curricular Activities of the year 2019-20  VIEW
13-July-2019  Talents Day 2019-20 VIEW
18-July-2019  SAP Awarness - Career Guidance & Placement Activity  VIEW
22-July-2019  Welfare & Woment Anti-Harassment Cell Meeting  VIEW
23-July-2019  Dinner Hosting by Sri Nagaraju P - SDA (Retirment Party)  
24-July-2019  Online IAS Coaching - Career Guidance & Placement Activity VIEW
26-July-2019  Inauguration of Bharath Scouts & Guides VIEW
27-July-2019  Sports Meet 2019-20  VIEW
29-July-2019  Campus Recruitment Drive  
30-July-2019   Service Retirement - Send-off to Sri Nagaraju P  
31-July-2019  Career Guidance & Placement Activity - Hiremee  


Event Date EventDetails
10-June-2019         Faculty Development Programme - Day 01 (Inauguration)  VIEW
11-June-2019 Faculty Development Programme - Day 02 VIEW
12-June-2019 Faculty Development Programme - Day 03  VIEW
13-June-2019 Faculty Development Programme - Day 04  VIEW
14-June-2019 Faculty Development Programme - Day 05  VIEW
17-June-2019 Inauguration of Induction Programme For 1st Year Degree Students (2019-20) Day 01  VIEW
18-June-2019 Induction Programme - Day 02 VIEW
19-June-2019 Induction Programme - Day 03 VIEW
20-June-2019 Induction Programme - Day 04 VIEW
28-June-2019 Campus Drive By TVS for Kotak Mahendra VIEW
29-June-2019 Prof. H J Chandrashekar - Send off (Service Retirment) VIEW




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