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Department of  PG, VVFGC, Mysuru



“IFRS Convergence in India" (IND-AS)

Date: 30th June, 2020
Time: 10 AM to 12 PM IST

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Welcome to our website !

degimgVidyavardhaka first grade college was established in the year 1978 under the auspices of Vidyavardhaka Sangha (R). In the beginning there were only 40 students who joined the B.B.M. course. Later in the year 1979, B.Com was started with another 50 students.

This College is affiliated to the University of Mysore, MYSORE, under section 12(B) and section 2F of UGC and is recognized by the Government of Karnataka. Today, this college has strengthened with 1000 students having 4 sections of B.Com degree, one section of B.B.M. degree and one section of B.A. degree. Over the past three decades, our college has an excellent academic record. Upto 2004, our college has bagged 47 ranks in B. Com., B.B.M., and B.C.S.

Later on when the rank system was abolished by the University of Mysore our college has the credit of getting umpteen numbers of distinctions every year. Further, in order to cater to the needs & demands of the outgoing students of B.Com and B.B.M. the management thought of opening a P.G.Centre in our college. Hence, M.Com is being started in our college premises from 2011-2012.


“Education is not only a liberating force but also a democratising force. Education is badly needed to have-nots. Therefore our vision is to provide education to the poor and needy.”


The mission is accomplished by providing Commerce education to make them self-employed and successful entrepreneurs, by providing management education to make them efficient leaders in business organization and finally by providing Arts education to make them dynamic leaders of the society.

Vidyavardhaka First Grade College,Sheshadri Iyer Road

Mysuru – 570 001

Core Values of the Institution

Keeping in view of the vision of importing quality education to the ‘poor and needy’ and also with the aim of accomplishing the Mission of providingCommerce education inorder to mould the youth to become successful entrepreneurs and also Management education to churn out efficient and dynamic leaders. The institution has imbibed the following core values.

I Contributing to National Development

This is being achieved through:

II. Fostering Global Competency among Students

This is being achieved through:

III Inculcating Value System among Students

It is achieved through:

IV Promoting Use of Technology

V Quest for Excellence

This is achieve through:

The institution is committed itself in upholding its set core values has stated above


VVFGC is playing a significant role in the field of commerce and humanities education. The ICT enabled  classroom education coupled with highly disciplined

and inspiring environment makes it one of the top  institutions in Mysore. The institution makes sure that the priority is overall development of students, by  imparting student-centric education. VVFGC is committed to upholding the rich legacy of being one of the best  colleges for commerce and humanities education in the Mysore University jurisdiction in particular, and  Karnataka in general.

 Our institution practices the value of academic integrity with a commitment to ensure higher education of the  best quality. The faculty members guide the students in a value based education format and help them grow as a  responsible individual. They follow a unique method of teaching by placing the students in the process of '  learning before thinking' and 'thinking before learning'. VVFGC strives not only to educate the students but also  to make them shine in life by enkindling in them a love for learning, discovery and inventions to improve the  quality of life, especially for the least, the last, and the marginalized of our society.

 I would like to extend good wishes and the best academic stay to all those who are aspiring to get admission in  VVFGC







First Grade College

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